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Build Cloudera parcels offline repo – without internet connection

We create directory where we want to save our parcels. # mdkir -p /share/cdh_repo # cd /share/cdh_repo (Note: This can be any directory) 1) Download CDH parcel to the repo directory: #pwd /share/cdh_repo #wget http://archive-primary.cloudera.com/cdh5/parcels/latest/CDH-5.1.0-1.cdh5.1.0.p0.53-el6.parcel 2) Download the manifest.json file from the URL: #pwd /share/cdh_repo #wget http://archive-primary.cloudera.com/cdh5/parcels/latest/manifest.json 3) Copy the hash code: #pwd /share/cdh_repo Open… Read More »

Hadoop Cloudera Cluster Set up using Cloudera Manager

We will set up the cluster using Cloudera Manager Note: We need a 64-bit machine for Cloudera cluster set up. For this example, lets say we have 3 nodes to be created as a Hadoop cluster Note: You can add any number of hosts host1.example.com (or) host1 -> Cloudera Manager Node host2.example.com (or) host2 host3.example.com… Read More »

Apache Hadoop Cluster Set Up script – Ubuntu

We will see step by step how we write a installation script for “Single-node Hadoop Cluster Set Up” for Ubuntu. Assumptions: This script is written for Ubuntu OS, you can change it accordingly for other OS, as the skeleton remains the same. User has tar file in their system.(File check will be done inside script) There is … Read More »