Hadoop / HDFS Commands

By | August 19, 2014
Few useful Hadoop Commands

Uncompress gz file from HDFS to HDFS – Hadoop:

$hadoop fs -text /hdfs_path/compressed_file.gz | hadoop fs -put - /hdfs_path/uncompressed-file.txt 

To uncompress while copying from local to HDFS directly:

$gunzip -c filename.txt.gz | hadoop fs -put - /user/dc-user/filename.txt

Hadoop commands for reporting purpose:

$hdfs fsck /hdfs_path
$hdfs fsck /hdfs_path -files -locations
$hadoop dfsadmin -safemode get
$hadoop dfsadmin -report

Get the job id using below command:

$hadoop job -list

Kill the job using below command:

$hadoop job -kill <job_id>

Hadoop help command

$hadoop fs -help

Check hadoop version

$hadoop version

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