Creating CentOS VM

By | August 16, 2014
We will install CentOS-6.5.

I downloaded the iso file from the location:

Below is the version I have downloaded via torrent(you can choose to download directly):

Lets first create a environment to install centOS:

Select Custom (Advanced)

Choose “ I will install the operating System later”

Choose “Linux” -> CentOS

Give Virtual machine a name of your choice Ex: “host1”

I am choosing “Number of cores per processor” as 2 (But you can leave it as 1, which is default)

Now we have created the configuration ready for installing CentOS

Lets get started with the installation now!

Below is the directory structure which has both DVD iso images in it, along with md5sum files

Click on “Edit virtual machine settings” to choose to the location of the iso file (If you have multiple DVD, lets say DVD-1 and DVD2), just keep them all in one directory and choose the first DVD-1.iso location
Below is the location I specify:

Now Power On the Virtual machine we just created. You might get this warning(you can ignore it)

Skip the test (This is necessary, otherwise after test, it will automatically eject the media, then you will have to restart VM to continue)

Choose “Yes, discard any data” – since we are installing on VM (otherwise be careful)

Give any host name Ex:

Choose timezone:

Choose “Write changes to disk”

Congratulations 🙂 We have our CentOS 6.5 VM.

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