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Search for a file in HDFS using Solr Find tool

HdfsFindTool is essentially the HDFS version of the Linux file system find command. The command walks one or more HDFS directory trees, finds all HDFS files that match the specified expression, and applies selected actions to them. By default, it prints the list of matching HDFS file paths to stdout, one path per line. Search… Read More »

Solr Installation and create new collection – standalone

Note: I am running this in Windows. Download Solr Download Solr from here I have downloaded solr-7.0.1: For this example, we will extract it to the folder C:\Users\Public\hadoop_ecosystem\solr-7.0.1 Start Solr Open command prompt and type below commands > c: > cd C:\Users\Public\hadoop_ecosystem\solr-7.0.1\bin C:\Users\Public\hadoop_ecosystem\solr-7.0.1\bin> solr start -p 8983 Output: Waiting up to 30 to see… Read More »